Transportation projects and initiatives

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  1. Springfield needs to work with the Province, the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, and the Federal Government to initiate planning on network improvement projects to facilitate traffic between Oakbank, Dugald, Anola and Winnipeg. Building on the MMM report for the PMCR, a critical question for Springfield revolves around the long-term transport solutions we need to amplify our economic development trajectory. This is also an area where, with our neighbouring Municipalities (including the City of Winnipeg), we could look at cooperating to ensure friction-free movement, which is especially relevant given the Provincial Government has started rolling into operating grants road maintenance costs for some municipalities
  2. We need to continue to catalogue and review our transport-related capital assets, including (a) establishing detailed replacement costings, (b) current and projected deficits and (c) planning for long-term funding/capital needs for renewal and upgrades of transportation and drainage infrastructure. Building on existing measures already in place, an expanded and comprehensive capital asset management programme could be implemented in order to understand opportunity costs for transport-related projects of all sizes. It important to remember that some roadways in our Municipality are under Provincial jurisdiction. That said, we certainly can raise specific issues with the Province, sometimes jointly with neighbouring Municipalities, and alert them to necessary resource spends where there is a tangible outcome for our residents as well as others that are traveling to (or passing through) our Municipality.
  3. Where necessary, there is a need to review traffic flow patterns within Oakbank (and the wider RM) and plan for future needs. Main Street running through Oakbank is a busy artery, to be sure, and there are important safety issues to consider with children going back and forth daily during the school year. The town is growing, and our traffic volumes will likely increase. When traffic and pedestrian volumes increase, there is often a need for considered engineering and safety studies. In some instances, it will also mean working very closely with the Province to come up with appropriate solutions that preserve traffic flow without jeopardising safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Last update: 5 September 2018 @ 20:12CDT