Recreation forward planning

As a softball coach and Acting President of the Springfield Minor Softball Association, I am reasonably familiar with our current recreational facilities.

I do hear from lots of folks about what we could be doing. Building on the Springfield Recreation Master Plan, we need to review previous initiatives (to capture previous ideas/options) toward developing recreation services in Oakbank and use these to build a community-based/driven platform for developing new recreation services, including a comprehensive, but staged, recreation/leisure complex in, or very near, the town.  This would require (a) agreement on a location, (b) the identification of capital needs and potential partnerships (government and private sector) and (c) establishing short, medium and long-term milestones and KPIs.

To be clear, this would be a big undertaking, involving a significant amount of capital and planning. I would like to work with other Councillors, residents, the Oakbank Community Club, sports associations and other levels of government in driving this initiative forward. I am the first to admit the scope is itself something that needs to be framed, but it is one that could help make the Municipality a vibrant place to live and play.  

On the subject of a splashpad for Springfield/Oakbank, which has been receiving quite a bit of attention on Facebook as of late, note that $400,000 has been allocated for the year 2021 in the 5 year capital budget.  The larger questions relate to its location and ongoing maintenance costs (including any consequential opportunity costs) as a proportion of the Recreation and Cultural Services budget.  I have written recently a blog post on this subject that explores these issue a bit more thoroughly.

Last update: 5 September 2018 @ 20:09CDT