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 Chairing a session on Canadian commercial aviation at an aviation industry conference run by the Centre for Aviation (CAPA, Sydney, Australia) in Las Vegas, 2016. You can view the entire video  here .  Image is from CAPA (Centre for Aviation) .

Chairing a session on Canadian commercial aviation at an aviation industry conference run by the Centre for Aviation (CAPA, Sydney, Australia) in Las Vegas, 2016. You can view the entire video here. Image is from CAPA (Centre for Aviation).

Extended Biography

My family (wife, daughter and I) settled in Oakbank in the very last few days of 2010. Prior to our move, we lived for nearly ten years in New Zealand, where I was an Associate Professor in the School of Business at the University of Otago. I was raised in Transcona and worked for James Farms Ltd. while I was in high school and immediately thereafter before commencing my studies at the University of Manitoba. My father, Brian Duval, is a Councillor in the RM of East St Paul.

I am privileged to be an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Winnipeg. I love the challenges and rewards the classroom environment brings. I interact with some of the brightest young folks in the Province, which is precisely why I consider it a privilege. I teach Introduction to Business at the first year and an advanced fourth-year course in International Business. In 2019, I will be teaching an advanced fourth-year course titled Air Transport Management and Regulation. I am fortunate enough to have been given a few awards for my teaching over the course of my career (both in New Zealand and in Canada).


Much of my job as an academic involves research, which itself is a process of asking questions and seeking answers. My academic focus is the legal and economic regulation of commercial aviation, although more recently I have taken a strong interest in local transport policy. I have been involved with consulting and advising assignments (usually in marketing or air transport) as well as writing for academic journals. A few books I have written/edited are available on Amazon. I have quite a bit of experience speaking publicly, and continue to do numerous media interviews. A few years ago, I wrote an op ed for the Winnipeg Free Press with a colleague from Stantec that argued for the use of roundabouts in Manitoba.

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I have been invited to engage with government officials and industry leaders. I have worked closely with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce as a privileged member of their Advocacy Leadership Council and chaired their inaugural Transportation Leadership Council (along with other initiatives). For two years, I served as Director of the University of Manitoba Transport Institute, where I am currently an Associate.

Overseas, I sat on the Board of Tourism Dunedin, then the Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) for the City of Dunedin. Prior to becoming an academic, I was with Longwoods International in Toronto, a boutique consultancy firm specialising in the measuring the return on investment of tourism advertising campaigns. As such, I am very familiar with tourism management and marketing strategies.

If you want to know more, you can view my (very minimalist) academic website here.

Community Activities

I have been a team manager/coach for three seasons with the Springfield Minor Softball Association: two years as an assistant coach/manager with our U10 team and one year as head coach of the Springfield Heat U12 "Red" team. If you have been to any of our Friday night clinics in the winter months, I'm usually there helping the more experienced coaches run drills. I assumed the role of Acting President of the Association in March 2018. For the past few years, I have also been managing the SMSA website.

I was a member of the Oakbank Elementary Parent Council from 2014 to 2018, although my involvement was sometimes limited due to time constraints. Being a member of the Parent Council was an enormous pleasure and true privilege. As an educator myself, I was keen to get involved and really learn about education in the early years.

You can view and download my campaign brochure by clicking on the image below.  Hard copies of this brochure erroneously listed my involvement in the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce "Advisory Leadership Council" when, in fact, the proper name for the Council is the Advocacy Leadership Council.